Pyramid Principle and Structural Thinking Training


Course Price:

Original price: ¥3000
Preferential price:¥2500

Last until 15 working days before class starts
2? people(¥2250 each person)
3? people (¥2000 each person)
AudienceLecturerOutlineCompetence and Skills Acquired Objectives

Any staff and management teams who require innovation at work

Christian Zhu

  • Founder of “Academy of Action”
  • Co-founder of POA (Power of Action) Model
  • Senior facilitator of POA
  • Bilingual trainer for reputable training firms
  • Internal trainer for a Fortune 500 company
  • National Qualification of Psychological Counseling (Grade II)

Training Style

  • Logical and humorous
  • Connecting theories with practices at work



  • Activity: grouping innovatively
  • Activity: Circles

What’s innovation

  • Discussion: What kind of innovation do we need?
  • We need innovation at work like this:
    • Evolution, not revolution
    • Group efforts, not superhero
    • Acting, not talking
    • Iteration, not planning
  • Discussion: Are we innovation at work?
    • Find out ‘paint points’ in our innovation
  • Innovation Tool: POA




  • Activity: make a POA analysis for an APP
  • Group Activity: Find Objective for a real case where innovation needed

Innovation for what?

  • What is Objective?
    • POA innovation case: Why it’s so popular?
    • Why + Pain = Action
    • Exercise: Real example of taking What as the objective
    • Tool: Before/After
  • Innovation is seeking for not only the key, but also the lock

Together WE can innovate

  • Where are the Partners from?
  • Class Activity: Yes And
  • Group Activity: Find more partners (P)
  • Group Activity: Co-create innovative solutions (A)
    • Tool:Accelerated Brainstorming
    • Tool:Choose A by O
    • Tool:Idea Runway

Action Now

  • Action is more important than a ‘perfect’ Objective
  • Group Exercise: Make first step plan

Recap & Review

  • Group Review of learnings
  • Review challenges in innovation at work by applying POA thinking


  • Find out the ‘pain point’ in innovation at work
  • Find out the root cause of insufficient innovation at work
  • Understand what‘s the innovation needed at work
  • Able to organize brain storming based on ‘Yes And’ principle
  • Able to apply tools to set objective, gain partners, and accelerate actions for innovation
  • Able to make innovation happen based on POA thinking