Cross-Functional Communication and Teamwork

Curriculum Introduction

To understand the significance and value of communication in management and the importance to individuals and businesses
To understand the root cause of the obstacles for cross-functional communication and improve the efficiency of enterprise execution
To know about the hidden personal and organizational needs in cross-functional communication, break departmental barriers and master the key points of cross-functional communication.
To cultivate the initiative and service awareness of managers, master the key points of cross-functional communication, effectively deal with conflicts, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of inter-departmental communication.

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Yan Ming

Ms. Yan Ming graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She is Fudan University MBA, GCDF and Senior Psychological Counselor. She has nearly 20 years of experience in-house training and professional training, and is a senior trainer who provides long-term in-house training for all types of enterprises.

In more than 25 years of work experience, Ms. Yan Ming has successively served in CP Group, Hong Kong FAC Design Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., UTStarcom Communications Co., Ltd. and other large enterprises, has been engaged in product development, sales, purchasing, administration and human resource management and other work, has served successively as Administration Manager, General Manager of Regional Sales, Director of Human Resources, President of Corporate University and other positions, has accumulated rich practical experience and has continuously provided leadership, execution, human resource management training and consulting to medium and large enterprises.


Our Status Quo

  1. Our roles in team and orientations during work: execution, collaboration and coaching
  2. Position of communication

How to see the root causes of poor teamwork and inefficiency within an organization

  1. To identify problems and root causes in communication and collaboration within the organization
  2. The causes of conflicts in horizontal communication within enterprises come from four aspects

Rational Resolution of Horizontal Conflicts and Unified Consensus for Performance

  1. To identify the performance collaboration points between teams and reasoningly drive to department
    • To clarify tasks, unify team goals, distinguish performance interests, and establish
    • Finalization of the best solution
    • In case that teams/individuals need to select the implementation process path, what if they have totally different opinions?
    • Five steps to reach consensus: procedures and data
  • Case sharing: Angela renting case
    • Actual difficulties in reaching a consensus and the responsibility of the meeting moderator
    • A consistent approach to communication between teams/individuals is another safeguard for team performance
    • Being unable to choose the best one
  • Case study: only one clerk
    • Enlightenment brought by negotiation technique in solving conflict problems
    • Extension of win-win thinking in cross-functional communication
    • Three principles of effective communication within an organization
  1. Comprehensive application exercise
  • Exercise: What is missing from Lofu’s meeting?
  • Case analysis: What are the communication problems in the meeting of K Company?

Summary and Suggestions for Exercise