Change Maker In Project Context

— Successful Project Delivery in VUCA Era


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Jiang Ningyu

Mr. Jiang has nearly 30 years of experience in HR management, consulting and training. He has successively served in a leading HR consulting company in China (China International Intellectech Co., Ltd.) and internationally renowned consulting enterprise (KPMG), the first professional HR service agency with multiple media resource advantages in China (, and the largest international shipping/logistics company (Maersk), in positions of Senior HR Consultant, Senior HR Consulting Manager, Vice President, Vice General Manager of Corp HR in Greater China.

Now Mr. Jiang is a freelance trainer and consultant, and has established a cooperative relationship with a number of international and domestic leading training and consulting companies. So far, he has successfully lectured such courses as “Leadership Essentials (for emerging leaders)”, “Performance Selection-Structured Behavioral Interviewing”, “Sales Skills”, “Excellent Customer Services”, “Problem Analysis and Effective Decision-Making”, “Win-win Communication”, “Excellent Leadership”, “Career Development GAPS” and “Coaching for Optimal Performance” for many clients at home and abroad; meanwhile, he provides customers with consulting services for establishing leadership competency model.

Mr. Jiang graduated from Nanjing University and completed the study of Master’s program at the University of Science and Technology of China. Currently, Mr. Jiang is the certified lecturer and consultant of the following internationally renowned HR analysis tools: Predictive Index? (USA), DiSC™ (USA – Inscape and Thomas Int’l), ASSESS™ (Personality analysis) of American Company Bigby Havis & Associates, SSM™ (competency/strategic success model), ASSESSMENT CENTER™ (talent evaluation/development center) of British company A&DC, and iLead? & ChangeQuest? of Knolskape?.


Step 1 Problem identification

  • What is a problem?
  • Tool 1 – Problem Statement (target version)
  • MECE Principle
  • Tool 2 – Brainstorming
  • Brainstorming exercises
  • Problem statement exercises

Step 2 Diagnosis of Root Cause

  • Diagnosis exercises: 114
  • Common Obstacles
  • System Problems
  • Tool 3 – Fishbone diagram
  • Fishbone analysis exercises

Step 3 Generation of Options

  • Common misunderstandings
  • Exercises for generation of alternatives

Step 4 Make the Best Choice

  • Tool 4 – Sorting & Culling
  • Tool 5 – Equivalent Substitution Method
  • Tool 6 – Analysis Matrix
  • 9 Blind Spots for Decision-making

Step 5 Execution of the Chosen Option
Step 6 Evaluation and Validation
Step 7 Standardization


  • To adopt systematic thinking (7 steps) to effectively analyze problems and avoid decision-making traps to make informed decisions.
  • This training focuses on “steps 1~4”, problem definition ~ decision making.