PMP? 全國直播班

PMP? National Live Class

  • PMP?助力企業實現戰略目標
  • PMP ?assist companies achieve strategic objectives

根據PMI?最新發布的《職業脈搏調查》(Pulse of the Profession?),全球平均11.4%的投資因項目績效不佳被浪費。那些低估了項目管理對推動變革所起戰略性作用的組織,平均有67%的項目徹底失敗。
According to the PMI? newly released the Pulse of the Profession?, global average 11.4% of investment was wasted due to poor project performance. Organizations that underestimated the strategic role of project management in driving change have on average 67% of projects fail completely.

In recent years, the ideas and methods of project management have been accepted and recognized by more and more senior managers of various organizations (enterprises, governments, army, etc.). Whether it is bidding, business negotiation, and the employees have a PMP? certificate are mandatory requirements.

  • 為企業培養更多的項目經理與專業從業者
  • Train more project managers and professional practitioners for enterprises

A talent team with unified cognition and thinking of project management is the foundation of effective project management.

  • 籌備PMO(項目管理辦公室),通過項目管理實現更大的企業目標
  • Prepare the PMO (Project Management Office) to achieve larger business goals through project management.

The construction of project management system requires the support and promotion of a professional team from the top to bottom. The elements of success include the team, process, culture and governance. It requires the team to have a new understanding, new ideas and new approaches of project management, in order to realize the value of project management in achieving organizational goals.

培訓目標 Training objectives

Quick Cognition: Recognize the basic concept of project management and establish a project management thinking framework.

  • 體系化知識點:三大領域,十大知識領域,49個子過程
  • 三種邏輯思維:線性邏輯,包含邏輯,虛實邏輯
  • 應變能力:各種異常情況,復雜情況
  • Systematic knowledge points: three domain, ten knowledge areas, 49 sub-processes
  • Three logical thinking: linear logic, including logic, virtual and real logic
  • Resilience: various abnormal situations and complex situations

Using as learning : master project management tools and methods to solve “difficult and complicated diseases” in project management.
Documents, tool technology, process, system model. . . Master various management skills.

Theory returns to practice: knowledge points are interspersed with practical cases, and project management soft skills.

High pass rate: successfully pass the PMP qualification examination.

培訓亮點 Training highlights

  • 23次直播、46小時在線直播授課
  • 23 live broadcasts and 46 hours of live online lectures
    • 15次直播課梳理項目管理體系
    • 3+1次直播 解析模擬試卷易錯點
    • 2次直播 考前沖刺輔導
    • Sorted out the project management system for 15 live classes
    • 3+1 times live, analyze fallibilities of simulation test paper
    • 2 live, a sprint coaching session before the exam
  • 集知識、題庫、攻略于一體
  • Set knowledge, question bank, strategy in one
    • 圖文,音頻,獨家印刷資料
    • 在線模擬題庫,智能刷題
    • 易迪思精品公益錄播課免費聽
    • Image-text, audio, exclusive printed materials
    • Online simulation question bank, intelligent quick test
    • Free listening to the Eddic boutique public welfare recording class
  • 21天打卡闖關,拒絕死記硬背,玩轉PMP?知識點
  • Clock in for study like a game for 21 days, refuse to rote learning, master PMP? knowledge
    • 社群抱團相互督促,告別孤軍奮戰
    • 講師&助教聯手促學
    • Communities urge each other, farewell to fighting alone.
    • Lecturers and assistants work together to promote learning.

Various reasons for choosing Eddic

  • 17年PMI?官方授權培訓機構
  • 口碑講師,多年實戰與授課經驗
  • 通過考試進入易迪思學友群,積攢PDU及享受其他后續高質量課程或活動。
  • 17 years PMI ?official authorized training institution
  • Well-know lecturer, rich practical and teaching experience
  • Pass the exam to join the Eddic alumni group, accumulate PDU and enjoy other follow-up high-quality courses or activities.

Various reasons for PMP? online training

  • 學習時間自由,解決員工培訓與工作矛盾
  • 全程助教陪伴督促,節省公司人力、物力成本
  • 完成進度、作業情況、成果可呈現,知識落地易考核
  • 社群學習互動強,調動全員參與積極性
  • 直播+錄播+在線考試=知識輸入+技能落實+實戰提升,一應俱全
  • Free learning time, solve the conflict between staff training and work
  • The teaching assistant accompanied and supervised the whole process, saving the labor and material costs of company.
  • Completion progress, quality of work and results can be presented, and knowledge is easy to assess
  • Strong community learning and interaction, mobilize the enthusiasm of all members to participate
  • Live broadcast + recording + online examination = knowledge input + skill implementation + practice improvement, everything is available
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2880 元/人

3900 元/人


Register information
Time:June 29, 2021

Training fee
Original price: 3200 per person
Subsidy prices during the epidemic : 2880 per person

Examination fee
Initial examination fee: 3900 per person
Retest fee: 2500 per person?( Examination agency charge)

All fees do not include billing tax rate.
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